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The Story

The Story. God began it at the beginning--"Let light be"--and it's still unfolding. The Israelites are a part of that story, and so is Jesus of Nazareth, and so is the Church. What about you? Your life is also a story; it also had a beginning, and your life's story is still going. How will the story of your life fit into The Story of what God is doing? What role will you play in Redemption History?

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Just Sex

We all know that it's never just sex. So much is wrapped up in our choices about sex and the consequences of our decisions, both good and bad, don't stop with us. Do your choices about sex lead to injustice for others or do they lead to just sex?

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So there is Noah, his boat, and all the animals.

Add in the rainbow at the end and we have all the details to one of the most famous Bible stories of all time. Or do we?

Could there be more to this story than we learned as children?

Looking more closely at Noah's story might teach us a lot about obedience, faith and the ways that God wants to work through us.

As we will see, there is far more to Noah than we ever knew.

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