Rev Andy Nixon

Why do we suffer?

February 18, 2024

Series: Job

How do we respond when we suffer tragedy we do not deserve? Welcome to the Book of Job. The problem of suffering is a fundamental human problem. We all have asked, ‘Why did God allow this?’ Or ‘Why has God not stopped this evil?”. The Book of Job is going to make a run at answering this question so jump in as we read this book through Lent. You will find the Bible does not back down from any hard questions - rather it takes them on full force.

The Extra Mile: The Book of Job begins with an almost courtroom like seen where the Lord and Satan have a conversation that ends with the Lord allowing Satan to do anything to Job except kill him. The Hebrew word for ‘Satan’ means ‘accuser’. ‘ This may help us to understand how evil works in our lives. Thoughts that accuse us of being unholy, unworthy, inadequate - this is a ploy of evil and it is to our benefit not to listen.

Scripture: Job 1:9-12