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Latest Sermon | January 17, 2021

How to Be Antifragile

Something fragile is hurt by stress and difficulty.

Something ANTIFRAGILE becomes stronger through stress and difficulty.

• A candle in the wind is quickly snuffed out;
• A fire in the wind gets stronger.

If ever there were a time to learn how to get stronger through difficulty, now is that time.

Now is the time to become ANTIFRAGILE.

The early church in Acts faced great difficulties *and it grew because and not in spite of those difficulties*.

When Peter and John are arrested, for example, their response to the threats they face is *astounding*.

(Hint: they don’t ask for the threats to be removed.)


Acts Reading Plan. Monday - Friday. 5 days a week.
Join us as we walk through the book of Acts together as a church.

Monday, January 18: Acts 4:32-37
Tuesday, January 19: Acts 5:1-11
Wednesday, January 20: Acts 5:12-16
Thursday, January 21: Acts 5:17-42
Friday, January 22: Acts 6:1-7

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