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Latest Sermon | February 28, 2021

Anyone Ever Taken a Risk on You?

If you’ve had a happy life, chances are there was a point somewhere, sometime when someone reached out and took a risk on you.

Those moments of grace will change a life forever.

In the early church, there was a man named Joseph Barnabas who TWICE took a risk and reached out to two different, talented men, and those actions literally changed world history.

Let’s talk about it.


Acts Reading Plan. Monday - Friday. 5 days a week.
Join us as we walk through the book of Acts together as a church.

Monday, March 1: Acts 17:10-15
Tuesday, March 2: Acts 17:16-34
Wednesday, March 3: Acts 18:1-17
Thursday, March 4: Acts 18:18-28
Friday, March 5: Acts 19:1-20

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