Rev Andy Nixon


January 21, 2024

Series: Resolute

Sometimes we do not find what we hope to find. We believe that something will make us happy only to discover it does not. We achieve a goal, and then find out our satisfaction is less than we thought. Israel did this too in that it became a nation, built and rebuilt Jerusalem - but it was not enough. They had to return to obedience to find joy. Nehemiah is about rediscovering joy through obedience, and that is what Munger focuses on this week.

The Extra Mile: The book of Nehemiah is about returning and rebuilding. Nehemiah, the person, took the task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The walls were destroyed in 587 B.C. and after a time of exile Israel returned and upon that return Nehemiah went to work. Do some digging into the person Nehemiah and you will find someone dedicated to rebuilding what was lost - a task we at times have to do as well.

Scripture: Nehemiah 8:1-5