Rev Andy Nixon

A New Beginning Repentance

March 17, 2024

Series: Job

Message: As the Book of Job closes, God appears to Job and speaks to job from a whirlwind. The words God speaks are one of power. Where was Job when the universe was created? By what power has Job created anything at all? As creations of the Lord, we have to know our limits. We can know in go much, but ultimately we are called to have faith in that the Lord will lead us to all that is good.

The Extra Mile: An interesting part of Job is Job 42:7-9 where God rebukes Job’s friends. The friends have not been quite honest in that they have danced around Job’s suffering where Job has spoken honestly. For us today, God wants us to pray honestly to the Lord. If you feel it, say it. God listens to all prayers, but prefers one that is honest.

Scripture: Job 42:4-6