Rev Andy Nixon

God’s Two Step

January 7, 2024

Series: Resolute

God loves us. The truth is God always has. Because of human decisions, though, there are times that come and we find ourselves a little lost, and we need to return to God’s love. The good news is God is willing to help. When we take a step towards the Lord, the Lord takes a step towards us . As 2024 begins, we should know that one step towards Jesus is not just one, but two, as God rushes to meet us.

The Extra Mile: The Bible often has built-in assumptions that we as modern readers might miss. One of these assumptions is the Bible is an “us” book. The Bible assumes community, and often times Scripture speaks in the plural, like “God is going to save God’s people”. Modern lives tend to be highly individual so ask yourself - What I am a part of that is an “us”? Marriage, teams, businesses, schools all are an us - church is too. This year maybe join a small group or a team at church and make church an us!

Scripture: Isaiah 43:19-21