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Disrupting Doubt

For many people, belief doesn’t come easy.

People are asking hard questions.

We can’t ignore the hard questions. And we can’t pretend that they don’t matter.

Sometimes the only thing between belief and unbelief is a good answer.

Do you have one?


Sermons in this Series

Monday is Coming

Monday’s coming. Are you ready?

Are you prepared to live out your faith on Monday morning? Are you ready for whatever happens this week in the boardroom, in the carpool line, in the classroom?

The Christian faith is not just about Sunday.

Monday’s coming. Are you ready?

Sermons in this Series

Repeat After Me

Almost everybody struggles with prayer and asks questions like: How do we actually pray? What’s the point of praying, if God already knows what’s going to happen? What if I pray for the wrong thing? The disciples had the same questions, but when they asked him, Jesus simply said: “Repeat after me.” In this series, we'll see how that simple answer can transform your prayers.

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Sermons in this Series