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Acts 2021

Acts 2021

"Jesus was a teacher and miracle worker who spent nearly all of his brief ministry in the tiny and obscure province of Galilee, often preaching to outdoor gatherings. A few listeners took up his invitation to follow him, and a dozen or so became his devoted disciples, but when he was executed by the Romans his followers probably numbered no more than several hundred.

“How was it possible for this obscure Jewish sect to become the largest religion in the world?”

—Rodney Stark, The Triumph of Christianity

The answer to that question is the Book of Acts.

New Year 2021

New Year 2021

What I find fascinating about Matthew’s account of the visit of the Magi is that *no one else in Jerusalem made the short trip to Bethlehem to see the Christ child for himself or herself*.

Things haven’t changed. How many of us are too busy or otherwise distracted to actually show up to see God at work?

How many of us permit our schedules to keep us from what’s most significant?

This leads me to my 2021 New Year’s Resolution for you:

Be at church every Sunday in 2021.


(I know it’s presumptuous for me to give you a resolution, but there ya go.)

Advent 2020

Advent 2020

Advent is the 4 week period of preparation leading up to Christmas.
If ever there were a time to prepare to receive the most possible joy out of Christmas, it is in Advent 2020.

In this series we’re looking at what a few key people did to prepare for that first Christmas (when they didn’t know anything about it).

The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation

Revelation is the literary account of an apocalyptic vision given by God to a Jewish Christian prophet named John who lived in the Roman province of Asia (modern-day Turkey) in the latter half of the 1st century.

The vision is chiefly concerned with answering 2 questions, questions that are as relevant today as they were to John’s first hearers:

1. How will God’s kingdom come on earth as it already is in heaven, or, to put it another way, what is God’s plan for history?

2. What is the church’s role in that plan?

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