Rev Andrew Forrest

How Is God Using the Pandemic to Prepare You?

February 14, 2021

Series: Acts 2021

NOTE: Because a snowstorm caused the cancellation of Munger’s Sunday services on Valentine’s Day 2021 (2/14/21), our pastor the Rev. Andrew Forrest taught a live online Bible study instead. This is a recording of that study.

What if the pandemic is preparation?

There is a ten year period in which the Apostle Paul drops out of history following his encounter with Jesus on the Road to Damascus and subsequent transformation. He is sent home to Tarsus and we don’t hear from him again until Barnabas goes to fetch him and bring him to Antioch around AD 48.

What happened in that 10 year period? We don’t know, but we do know that God used Paul in a mighty way after that.

What if God is using the pandemic as preparation for you?

Scripture: Acts 9:20-30; 11:19-26