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11.01.18 Church News

Munger Place Church celebrates eight years!

During the service, Munger members held up cardboard signs to show stories about how God has transformed their pain into praise. The Cardboard Testimonies have become a tradition for the church and a favorite among its members. 

08.28.18 Inspiration By Leah Rudman

Joyful, Patient, & Faithful

I learned that my true calling is to have eyes to serve and learn to become more like Christ. Life became easier when I learned to wait with hope and to live each day with an eternal mindset, which in turn filled me with a hope that only God could provide.

12.14.17 Inspiration By Rev. Andrew Forrest

Nine Months

When it was our family’s turn, all four of us knelt and prayed and praised the Lord for his mercy toward our family these past 12 months and desperately asked God to be with us in the next 12 months.

11.16.17 Inspiration

What would your sign say?

Cardboard testimonies have become a special tradition for us here at Munger Place Church. Every year, Mungarians of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs stand up and share how God took something they were struggling with and brought redemption and restoration.

11.14.17 Inspiration

To The Edge: Rodney and Emily’s Story

Faith is about being right on the edge and trusting God when He asks you to take the next step. For Rodney and Emily Adams, that meant trusting God with their finances even when they didn't know what the future might hold for their family.

10.13.17 Inspiration By Robert Quick

Divorced, Dying, Lost

Have you ever thought your life was so broken, so ruined, so hopeless that there was no way out? God doesn’t agree. God loves us and has a plan for us even when we’re at our lowest points. Learn how God transformed Robert’s life when he was at the point of death.

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