Rev Andy Nixon

Willing to Heal

December 17, 2023

Series: Miracles

Jesus heals. In the miracle stories healing is a prevalent theme with many people who are in need healed by Jesus. In these stories we get a clue about Jesus. He has a heart for those caught in this dilemma of being less than whole and stuck with no apparent way to get better. Jesus was their only hope, and when we make a similar ask the promise Jesus makes is that He will be there.

The Extra Mile: When Jesus heals, it is always a person who the culture of Jesus’s day would consider ‘unclean’. In Biblical times, if one was sick, injured, or deformed in some way it was believed to be because of a sin the person or a family member committed. In other words, illness was seen as punishment. Jesus breaks this idea. For Jesus, our weakness is a chance for God’s power to come forward. The healing miracles bring this idea to light - it is by helping us overcome our weakness that we experience the power of God.

Scripture: Matthew 8:1-4