Rev Andy Nixon

When God Does(not) Show Up

September 10, 2023

Series: Exodus

We have all been there. We are waiting, we are praying, and it takes too long. God does not always show on our timeline and we do what people have always done and take matters into our own hands. One of the greatest difficulties we have in faith is adapting to the timeline of the Lord. God is faithful, but there are times when we have to wait, and wait faithfully. Today’s Scripture is designed to teach us the importance of faithful waiting.

The Extra Mile: Last week we focused on the 10 Commandments, where Commandment #1 is “No other gods, only me.” - Exodus 20:3. God simply has to come first. To those who are believers this seems obvious, but there is a lot of competition for our priorities. Our first thought, our best efforts, the use of our talents and gifts - God insists on coming first. This week ask, “What comes first?”. Making sure God is there is a pathway to blessing today and the days to come.

Scripture: Exodus 32:1-4