Rev Andrew Forrest

What You Don't See You Don't See

September 30, 2018

Series: Son of Man

Here’s the truth:

It’s easy to see other peoples’ blind spots, and hard to see your own.

We each have things in our lives that should be SO OBVIOUS and yet, even though they are RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, we are blind to them. We overlook them.

In our Son of Man series, we’ve been talking a lot about fear and faith.

If Jesus is who he says he is, then it means we have nothing to fear.

But the truth is many of us struggle with faith—how can we know for sure that this stuff happened?

There is something that we don’t see we don’t see that’s keeping up from trusting God.

This week, we are wrapping up the Son of Man series by looking at one particular and pervasive thing that throws up a barrier to faith.

If we could get over this barrier, then we’d have more confidence in the Lord.

And less fear in our lives.

Preacher: Andrew Forrest

Scripture: Luke 24:13-35