Rev Andy Nixon

Twice Revealed

December 10, 2023

Series: Miracles

Healing was a central part of the ministry of Jesus. Typically, it was believed in Jesus’ day that if someone was sick it was a sign of disfavor from God. Jesus reversed this. Needs that people have became a way for the glory and power of God to be revealed. Our weakness is not a sign that God has left us, rather it is an opportunity for God to work and meet our need.

Extra Mile: It is notable that the healing in Mark 1:21-28 that the demons recognize exactly who Jesus is. While the disciples and others will recognize Jesus slowly the demons get it right straight away. Why is this? Perhaps because evil has the most to lose? Jesus ands the Gospel destroy the evil within us and the Gospels work to make this point from the start.

Scripture: Mark 1:21-28