Rev Andy Nixon

Crossing into 2023

January 8, 2023

Series: Genesis

Do you remember jumping off the diving board for the first time? The first day at a new school? Maybe the first day of a new job after a promotion? That’s Joshua rolled into one! A new leader, a new time - and God gives Joshua the call to enter the promised land. Joshua, in response to God’s call steps forward in faith, and in doing so gives us an example on how to do the same.


Extra Mile: In the Bible, names matter. ‘Joshua’ and ‘Jesus’ come from the same root and translate to something like ‘Yahweh Saves’. Both Joshua and Jesus lived out a calling where through their lives others are saved. Today, all of us inherit their witness. For a little adventure, every time you read the Bible and run across a name do a little research - it will tell you something of their purpose!

Scripture: Joshua 3:14-17