Rev Andy Nixon

The Kingdom of God and America

July 2, 2023

Series: The Words We Say

God Bless America! We live in a blessed land. And while not perfect, it is a blessing to call this nation home. As we celebrate the 247th birthday of our nation let us be grateful for the freedom we enjoy and all those who have protected us and are protecting us today in order to preserve the life we know. For many of our Founders, there is an embrace between the freedoms we have and God’s plans for us. We were created by God to be free and we will celebrate that truth at Munger this Sunday. Happy 4th!

Extra Mile: John Wesley, founder of the United Methodist Church, served as a missionary to the colony of Georgia beginning in 1735. His ministry could be described as problematic and he would talk of it as a failure. On the ship ride over, however, there is a famous story of a group of Moravian Christians who, during a severe storm and with fears of the ship sinking, sang Psalms and worshipped the Lord. Wesley marveled at their faith. While the English passengers panicked, the Moravians praised. The encounter would change Wesley and still speaks to us today.

Scripture: Luke 22:14-23