Sean McDonald

The Guilt of Sabbath

July 23, 2023

Series: The Rhythm of Rest

Most of us would say that Sabbath is something that we should do and something we want to do. However, many of us fail to take a sabbath because when we do we feel guilty. We begin to hear that voice in our head that reminds us of all the things we could be doing instead of resting. Why do we feel so guilty? Where does this feeling come from? Most importantly, what do we do when we have this feeling?

Extra Mile: Our feeling of guilt while resting comes from unchecked pride that tells us that we are the ones responsible for keeping everything going. But when we remember that God is the one who sustains everything, we can replace that feeling of guilt with joy. As you sabbath this week, if you begin to feel guilty, say a prayer of thanksgiving that God is in control and allow that prayer to be a celebration that you are not the one responsible for keeping the world turning!

Scripture: Exodus 20:8-11 CEB