Rev Andy Nixon

Even God took a Break

July 16, 2023

Series: The Rhythm of Rest

Even God took a break. In Genesis 1 and 2 God creates for six days, and after the heavens, the earth, the animals and even we were created God took a day off. Why? Did God get tired? No - to set the example for us. We are at our best when we take one day to relax, be with God, and with each other. Creation is meant to be enjoyed and we do that best by taking a day. If it is good for God, it is good for you too :)

Extra Mile: There is reading about the Sabbath and then there is actually observing the Sabbath. This week make plans to take a day and rest. The general rule is to not do any work on the Sabbath. What is work? If it feels like work to you it probably is work! But take 24 hours and reconnect to God, family, and friends and you will discover why sometimes the holiest thing we can do is take a nap!

Scripture: Genesis 2:1-3