Rev Andy Nixon

Remembering an Original

September 24, 2023

Series: Exodus

Houses are filled with memories - people, events,, places that are dear to us - things we remember. The Book of Exodus has been sharing with us a tremendous witness of God’s actions, miraculous events, and faithful heroes who answered God’s call. Why was the book written? In part so that we might remember. Our last week in Exodus is spent with the building of the Ark of the Covenant - and using the Ark we will talk about at Munger the power of remembering who we are.

The Extra Mile: Do some digging (pun intended) into the Ark of the Covenant this week. Read a bit online….what did the Ark hold? What are some significant events in its history. Spoiler alert - the Harrison Ford movie is not in the Bible. The truth is we do not know what happened to the Ark. A best guess? When the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem in 587 B.C. they took everything in the Temple and either destroyed it or melted it down making it a symbol of faith that is now lost to us.

Scripture: Exodus 37:1-9