Rev Andrew Forrest

Negative World

September 19, 2021

Series: The Church Is A Refuge

I’m convinced that Aaron Renn is right, and that we live in what he calls “Negative World”. Here’s how he describes it:

“In this world, being a Christian is a social negative, especially in high-status positions. Christianity in many ways as seen as undermining the social good. Traditional norms are expressly repudiated.”

Now, we’ve been talking about how the church is meant to a refuge, an ark, an oasis, a bit of Eden in a dry and barren land.

But, in negative world, the pressure for us to abandon the very thing that makes us have something to offer a thirsty world is going to be almost unbearable.


Like the rich young ruler, we will have to make a decision.

I’ve made mine.
What about you?

Scripture: Mark 10:17-22


“Masculinist #13,” by Aaron Renn

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