Rev Andy Nixon

Need the Right Thing

November 5, 2023

Series: Stuffed

As Christians there is an important word we need to know. Then word is ‘No.’ Too often the world tries to sell us possessions we need or attitudes we need to have and the the truth is our answer should be ’No’. As Christians, we have to draw a line. Possessions are not crucial. As Jesus taught us, we a building a Kingdom on his values. Each of us has to be prepared to say ‘No’ and that is what Munger is talking about this week.

The Extra Mile: When the Apostle Paul entered a new city he usually would go to the center of town on the Sabbath (Friday night) and make the case for the Gospel. Many believed. What was interesting, however, is that many people without Jewish backgrounds (Gentiles) did come to faith as well. This is just a guess, but Paul must have presented the Gospel in more than one place? He reached out, and it worked. The question for us is - are we sharing the Gospel everywhere we go? That is what Paul did and he asks us to do the same.

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2