Rev Andy Nixon

Just Be Great

July 9, 2023

Series: The Words We Say

Our Scripture this week is called ‘The Great Commission”. It is literally the last word in the Gospel of Matthew that Jesus gives his disciples and it is simple. Go everywhere and tell everyone about the Lord. It is all encompassing. Everyone, everywhere, needs to know the life, witness, and resurrection Jesus. And the command spans all time - it is a Great Commission to us as well, and maybe the question to ask is, ‘Is it time to live up to it?’.

Extra Mile: Today, a thought experiment. Everyplace wants to be welcoming. Restaurants want us to feel welcome to come and dine. Schools want to feel welcoming to their students. Wal-Mart and Target welcome their shoppers. Think to yourself - how welcoming are they…really? Churches are the same way. We want to welcome everyone and in regards to Munger I believe we do better than most. Our Scripture this week (Matthew 28:16-20) though, gives us a challenge to receive everyone well. How do you think we are doing?

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20