Rev Andy Nixon

Jesus Is Central

March 26, 2023

Series: Parallels

As we approach Easter, we look at themes important to God in all of Scripture. First and foremost on these themes is this - Jesus is the center. Take your Bible and look at Genesis chapter one and the Gospel of John chapter one. You will see phrases that are repeated, and this is intentional. John’s gospel is telling us that Jesus is central, and while we know this the question to ask is - have I made Jesus central to who I am?


Extra Mile: It is believed that the Gospel of John is the latest of the Gospels, written around 100-200 A.D. where Mark, Matthew, and Luke are around 35-90 A.D. Forgive the range of dates, but these are educated guesses. A question we have is - did John know about Mark, Matthew, and Luke. I think John did! And rather than write another genealogy or repeat the birth stories that other gospels told, John decided to work Genesis 1 into the opening of the Gospel. Jesus is central to creation, and this illustrates how the Bible builds on itself and grows over time.


Scripture: John 1:1-13