Rev Andy Nixon

God Takes a Stand

August 27, 2023

Series: Exodus

This is a hard passage - but God gets into our mix. It was true with Pharaoh and true with Jesus. Pharaoh was unwilling to let Israel go and then God through Moses took matters into divine hands. In a similar way, the crowds choose to crucify Jesus and then God took matters into divine hands again. Our choices matter, but there comes a time when God makes a decision to correct us if we persistently head the wrong way.

Scripture: Exodus 11:4-8

Extra Mile: Our Scripture today is the crux of the Passover story. The Jewish holiday is so named because an angel ‘passes over’ and havoc is unleashed on the Egyptians and the Hebrews are spared. Jesus grew up with this story, and as we look at Exodus it is worth getting to know Passover because Jesus took it and amplified it through His witness. Because of Jesus slavery to sin and death passes over us, and an eternity is opened to us through Him.