Rev Andy Nixon

Bricks and Mortar

September 17, 2023

Series: Exodus

Faith is an anchor for us. It is a foundation, and because of that we want to turn our faith into something permanent. We build cathedrals to last centuries and sanctuaries to exist for long periods of time. Israel is going through this now in our Exodus passage. We know, of course, that nothing on Earth lasts forever and Israel will learn that lesson too. For now though, think about how we structure faith that lasts and what are you ‘building’ that symbolizes the strength of faith.

The Extra Mile: The Tabernacle will be the major way Israel worship until The Temple of Jerusalem is built by King David over 1000 years later. The Tabernacle is essentially an ornate tent that was set up and collapsed every time Israel moved. Take a moment to search the web for artists depiction of the Tabernacle, and then do a bit of imagining. What do you think it would be like for you and your family to always worship on the move.

Scripture: Exodus 26:1-6