Rev Andy Nixon

Ask One Question….

October 22, 2023

Series: This is Us

If you were to ask Jesus one question, what would it be? The possibilities are endless! In our Bible passage, though, an expert in the law asks the ultimate question - “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

Before jumping to the end, what would you answer? What does it take to enter into heaven? Answer that and you will be immersed in the conversation Jesus has in Luke 10.

The Extra Mile: The gospel passage today sets up the story of the Good Samaritan. In other words, we have a passage where one person should know the answer to their question - an expert in the law should know. In the verses that follow, however, a Samaritan - the outsider - is the one who knows what it is to do the right thing. Think about it in your own life. How many times do we know what it is to do the right thing, but we ignore it? This is the question Luke 10 forces us to ask.

Scripture: Luke 10:25-28