Rev Andy Nixon

A Person of Prayer

May 28, 2023

Is it time for a new habit? Try this on - in the next three weeks I am going to become a person of prayer. Maybe you are new to prayer and have prayed mainly in times of crisis? Maybe you are experienced in prayer and cannot imagine life without it! Wherever you are in the spectrum of prayer, all of us can grow. Prayer never maxes out or hits a ceiling, it is a spiritual gift we can all further explore.
For the next three weeks, Munger is focusing on prayer. Come to worship, get the Prayer Series Study Guide this Sunday and let’s start praying! Who knows? We may be very surprised at who we become in the next three weeks!

Extra Mile: This weekend our nation celebrates Memorial Day where we give thanks for those who sacrificed their lives in the service of our country. Psalm 91 is sometimes called ‘The Soldier’s Psalm’ and on occasion gifts would be given to soldiers with the words to the Psalm printed on it. Take some time this weekend to read it, then give thanks for those who gave their lives protecting the nation we enjoy.