Hosted by Rodney Adams & the Wednesday Morning Men

Who isn't in need of some good old fresh air and some face time with other men of the faith?? Join other Munger Men for a short overnight campout 40 minutes east of the church - just out of arm's reach of your million closest friends 😷. We'll eat well, unplug well, and maybe even compete a little 💪.

Questions? Email Jake Porter:

Where is the campout?

Thirty-two miles east of Munger Place Church. We recommend carpooling. On a Friday afternoon, plan for the drive to take 45 minutes if leaving from the church.

How much does it cost?

The registration fee is $35.

Are meals provided?

Yes! We’ll be having a chili competition on Friday night and a great breakfast on Saturday morning.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are strongly suggested.

What type of activities will we be doing?

Bible studies, quiet time, camp fires, competition, etc.

Will I really be sleeping on the ground?

Yep! We’re sleeping outside under the stars, so you’ll want a tent and a sleeping bag. Please let us know if you need help wrangling that stuff.

Can I bring my son?

I'm glad you asked. I've recently become convinced that in order to build a new generation of faithful men, we need to normalize having our boys hanging around men of the church. So, yes, boys are welcome with this caveat - this is a men's campout and we will not be making too many special accommodations for the little boys. If your young buck can hang with the big boys, i.e., sleep in a tent, eat what we're serving for dinner, be somewhat still and quiet when it is time for prayer and Bible study, etc, then bring him on. He'll be better for it and so will we!

Can I leave and sleep in my own bed on Friday night?

No. You should consider this an 18-hour sabbatical. Unplug and stay with us for the duration.