All Church Bible Study: Romans

Led by Andrew Forrest

The first chapter of Romans contains one of the longest discussions of sexuality in the Bible. What does the Bible say about human sexuality? Why does Paul connect sexual sin with idolatry? How does this passage make sense of the rest of the letter? How does the Bible’s teaching on sex apply to us today?

Rev. Andrew Forrest will be teaching a Bible study on all of the above for Adults and Youth (Middle & High School) in the Munger sanctuary at 6 PM on Wednesday, 10/6. A separate study on Romans (but not on sex!) for elementary (K-5th) students at the same time in the Ed. Building, and there will be childcare available for little ones. Kids K-5th will have pizza during their study; however Pre-K will need to eat beforehand or w/ their parents after the study.

Leave work early just this once, and then join us for food trucks and fun outside afterwards. You know you’re curious—mark your calendars now.