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To The Edge: Rodney and Emily’s Story

November 14, 2017

If only life always took place when we were on solid ground, when we were totally in control, when we knew exactly how things would turn out.

If only life were that easy. But that’s now how life works, is it?

Sooner or later, each of us learns that life requires us to act, even when we don’t know the outcome. For Rodney and Emily Adams, that moment came just a few weeks after Rodney lost his job in Wall-Street.

With Christmas Commitment Sunday fast approaching at Munger Place Church, while facing an uncertain financial future, the couple sat down to talk through what their contribution to Munger would look like.

On the one hand, they could give an amount that felt comfortable with. After all, they didn't know what the next few months would hold for their family of four. But both Rodney and Emily felt like God was calling them to do something different.

Watch their story above to find out how God brought The Adams to the edge, and what happened next.