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The new nursery is not for my baby

August 29, 2017, by Amanda Pedigo

Recently I watched a YouTube video of a new worship song. On the very first chorus, the worship leader stepped away from the microphone and let the congregation sing on their own. The entire congregation stood with eyes closed and hands raised singing the difficult melody without instruction. While it was beautiful that so many people knew this beautiful song by heart, I was struck by the thought that there must not be any new people within their congregation.

While I mean no criticism towards this congregation, I want to be a part of a congregation where there are always people who are a little confused. I want to be in a church where questions are welcome, people are all over the place in their faith formation, and people walk into our church for the first time every week .

This is precisely why we’re building two new nurseries in our sanctuary basement.

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My husband and I are expecting our first child in December. But the new nurseries are honestly not for our baby! We are comfortable in the church. If the nurseries were full on a Sunday and we had to take our baby with us to church, we’d be ok with that. If she cried out or made some other baby faux pas, we would know that we could go to the coffee bar or narthex and still experience the service without disrupting others.

But we’re not walking into the church for the first time.

The real reason we are building two new nurseries in the basement of Munger Place Church, is that our nurseries are overflowing and it’s vitally important to welcome the first time guest with a baby. We want to knock down any roadblocks that might deter a new family from making it to worship, and this is a huge one.

So while we know our basement is slightly less cool than it was, and that permanently using that space for nurseries means it won’t be available for other good purposes, we hope you will join us in embracing the change and welcoming anyone and everyone who might walk through our doors, even those with babies.

So whatever your week has been like, or your life has been like, whatever you look like… in the name of Jesus Christ, you are welcome here.

And yes, we have a place for your baby.