Munger Stories

09.20.17 Care & Prayer By Bob Frankenfeld

Why do I want to be a pastoral care minister?

We all go through tough times. When you do, our pastoral care ministers want to be there with you - to listen, encourage, pray and support. Hear how Bob Frankenfeld, one of Munger’s new Congregational Care Ministers, learned firsthand how important that is as he went through tough times himself.

08.29.17 Church News By Amanda Pedigo

The new nursery is not for my baby

So while we know our basement is slightly less cool than it was, and that permanently using that space for nurseries means it won’t be available for other good purposes, we hope you will join us in embracing the change and welcoming anyone and everyone who might walk through our doors, even those with babies.

08.29.17 Travel By Jake Porter

How to understand the Bible in 10 days

You’ve heard the saying: “You can’t understand unless you’ve been there.” You apply it to sports, to stressful situations, but have you applied it to understanding the Bible? Actually being where events in the Bible occurred can make Christ’s words come alive for you, help you understand them more deeply than you imagined, and transform the way you read and understand the scriptures.

07.19.17 Marriage By Amy Wazquez

What I had to realize to rescue my marriage

How do you handle what life throws at you after you say “I do”? Sometimes the challenges of marriage can tear a couple apart: job loss, relocations, bills, crying infants, and frustrations with your spouse. Can you bullet-proof a marriage with prayer?

05.10.17 Parenting By Greg Odegaard

Why we started bringing our son to ‘big church’

Sitting through church with such a little guy is tough - for us. We had to have the right snacks (shhh, inside voices), an appropriate number of stickers (don't draw on the pew Bible!), a drink (stop standing up, just sit down), and maybe some crayons (what part of 'inside voices' didn't you understand?).

12.19.16 Inspiration By April Milhelich

God had a plan for me and I didn't know it

On that day, facing the thought of standing in front of the church holding my cardboard sign, I had an epiphany. Sharing my story wasn’t just to help others, it was to help myself too. I realized in that specific moment, God’s plan was unraveling right before my eyes.

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