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Munger Place Church celebrates eight years!

November 1, 2018

Eight years. That’s how long Munger Place Church has been doing ministry in East Dallas. HPUMC’s campus celebrated the milestone by hosting a worship service and party in Garrett Park.

During the service, Munger members held up cardboard signs to show stories about how God has transformed their pain into praise. The Cardboard Testimonies have become a tradition for the church and a favorite among its members.

Rev. Andrew Forrest, Munger’s Campus Pastor, says giving thanks for all that God has done through the church and its members is what Mungerfest is all about.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since HPUMC launched Munger Place Church as an East Dallas campus, and I’m still just so grateful that folks at HP gave so generously to make all of this possible,” he says. “Thank you, Jesus!”

Munger Place continues to thrive in East Dallas. In November, the campus will launch their third service on Sunday evenings!

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