Rev Andy Nixon

Tough Questions, Tougher Answers

February 12, 2023

Series: Genesis

Faith takes a willingness to sacrifice and tough questions need answers. This is what we learn from Abraham when he is willing to offer even his son at God’s command. As we look at our life and faith we might ask - What are we willing to do for the Lord? What has our faith cost us? What are the sacrifices we make in obedience to God’s call. These are tough questions, but like all questions faith give us the answer.


Extra Mile: To make this Scripture make sense we have to compare it to Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God and he is offered as a sacrifice on the Cross for our sins. On the Cross, essentially God goes through with the instructions given to Abraham. While difficult, God shows that even the Lord is willing to do anything asked of us or even more. The Lord will do everything we are asked to do - do you draw comfort from this idea?


Scripture: Genesis 22:1-8