Sean McDonald

A Purpose Driven Life

January 15, 2023

Series: Genesis

Dominion, we’ve got it. As the Lord created human beings, the Lord also gave human beings authority over creation. The earth, sky, waters, animals, plants are all ours to care for all over the earth! This means that the closet we need to clean out, the unwatered plant, the junk drawer, the Christmas decorations we still have out (no!) are to be tended to because they are part of creation! Come to Munger this Sunday and get inspired to - are you ready? - get organized!


Extra Mile: When reading Genesis 1 you will notice that God starts using the plural. ‘Let us make mankind in our image.’ Who is the ‘us’? Answers have varied over the centuries from Jesus, to the angels, to the Holy Spirit. The verse may simply be in the plural to encompass all of heaven - those who are a part and will be. Take a look at your Bible and see if it is footnoted then make a call and interpret the verse - who do you think is the ‘us’?

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-27