Rev Andy Nixon

Say 'Yes' To Change

February 11, 2024

In our Bible passage today, Jesus is the same and also entirely different. Luke 24:36-49 is a resurrection appearance of Jesus. He died, and now is raised. He is the same and also completely different. When reading this passage notice Jesus accepts his change. He is different now, and is setting the example for who we can be. To really change, you and I ultimately are called to accept the person Jesus is making us into and Jesus also encourages us to accept the change for the better.

The Extra Mile: Spend some time this week thinking and praying about ‘change’. A better word may be ‘growth’ or ‘transformation’, but in the Gospels everyone changes ti some way. The disciples learn, the sick are healed, and we even learn more about Jesus as we read the Gospels and God’s plan is revealed. What next step in faith is God calling you to take? Step forward in faith, and grow.

Scripture: Luke 24:36-49