Rev Andy Nixon

One Step Up

February 19, 2023

Series: Genesis

Our passage this week is commonly referred to as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ - there is a stairway Jacob sees in a dream by which angels are ascending and descending between Heaven and Earth. Another way to think of Jacob’s vision is like a bridge in that Earth and Heaven are connected and the Lord freely moves between both. Jacob’s dream calls us to be aware that Heaven and Earth are linked, and our prayers, worship, and churches are the bridges and ladders that connect the two.


Extra Mile: Jacob’s Ladder has been widely interpreted by the Church over the centuries. The ‘Ladder; is seen as a symbol of anything that can bridge Earth and. Heaven. Our prayers, the Church, the 10 Commandments, worship - any number of things God gives us transcend the gap that exists between Heaven and Earth. For you, what is an example of Jacob’s Ladder? Where do you feel God’s presence freely moving? This type of experience is similar to the dream Jacob had, and is a great example of how the Bible is not just a record of the past but also an indicator of the experiences of God we can have today.


Scripture: Genesis 28:10-15