Rev Andy Nixon

The Lord Delivers

February 5, 2023

Series: Genesis

God delivers. God promised Abraham and Sarah an heir who would be biologically connected to each of them. In our passage, God sets a timeline in place by which this promises will be fulfilled. Genesis is continuing to tell a story of how God is faithful. In matters sweeping and small, the Lord is faithful and this is an attribute of God we can trust.


Extra Mile: A trend you might have noticed is the increased age of some of the major characters of the Old Testament. Sarah was told she would give birth when she was 90 which means she would have been 90 or 91 when Isaac was born. What is the point here? It is perhaps not so much the age as it is the idea the birth of Isaac was something only God could do. Isaac is an expression of God’s grace, and Abraham and Sarah celebrate their son because of God’s power.


Scripture: Genesis 18:9-15