Rev Andy Nixon

Be Here, Be Ready

May 14, 2023

Series: Matthew

You have to be ready. Whether a First Responder, a Navy Seal, or a parent people have to be ready to go. There are certain things that when it comes time to move we have to move. Jesus told a series of parables with the same theme. We have to be ready when God moves. Is Jesus going to give us the exact time and way? No. It’s up to him. Our job is to be ready to respond the moment Jesus calls.
Get ready.

Extra Mile: Weddings - of which our scripture this week deals with - were elaborate endeavors in Jesus’ day. They would be multiple days and sometimes involve the entire town as folks celebrated the new couple. Because of their length, weddings were also not scripted by the minute. A bride or groom could return home to prepare for the next phase of the celebration at any time and attendants had to be ready. Jesus liked this theme. Spend some time online researching weddings in the times of Jesus and you’ll learn why Jesus used this setting as a parable.

Scripture: Matthew 22:1-14