Rev Andy Nixon

Matthew on a Mission

April 23, 2023

Series: Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew has a hope for us - not only that we will believe in Jesus but also that we will be sent in his name. For Matthew, every believer has a mission. Every believer has a responsibility to share the Gospel of Jesus. Ask yourself a question - how much of an evangelist are you? Matthew expects believers will be sharers, so take up Matthew’s challenge and prepare yourself to be a sharer of the Good News.


Extra Mile: The first Christians could expect to be persecuted. Authorities of all kinds felt threatened by the early Church and as a result prison, beatings, and violence of all kinds erupted against the first believers. The Book of Acts tells us much of this story. Our world, though, in many places is the same. Do a little surfing online this week and see what countries are hostile to Christianity. It will surprise you, and this is why our Scripture this week is so relevant today.


Scripture: Matthew 10:16-18