Rev Andy Nixon

Left for Dead

March 5, 2023

Series: Genesis

Are you a brother or a sister? Siblings relationships are, well….sibling relationships. Few people know us better than those we grow up with - they have a unique view to say the least! In our Bible passage this week (Genesis 37:17-24) Joseph is betrayed by his brothers. They plot to kill him, and while undeserved Joseph does not help the situation by flaunting his chosen status. This week the Bible helps us sort out the mess - what do we do when all goes wrong between those we should love the most?


Extra Mile: Joseph is in Genesis by no accident. There are dozens…..literally….dozens of parallels between the life of Jesus and the life of Joseph. As we read together take notice of what you see. What in the Joseph story is a precursor of what is to come? Where do we see similarities between the two? I will offer a clue - Joseph is left for dead and then reemerges - a coming back to life. Sound familiar? Jesus will do the same on a far greater scale.


Scripture: Genesis 37:17-24