Rev Andrew Forrest

How to Kill the Church From the Inside

January 24, 2021

Series: Acts 2021

Let’s talk about how to kill the church from the inside.

In the previous sermon in this series, we talked about why we can be hopeful about the future of the church, because the church is antifragile, that is, it gains from difficulty.

Like the early church, we too can learn to become antifragile.

But following up on that, we need to hear a warning, a warning that comes from the early church as well.

It’s a warning about what will kill the church from the inside, if we’re not careful.

Here’s why you should care:

Because the very sin that will kill the church from the inside will destroy you as well.

Guess what, though?

In light of this, the way forward will not only make the church more antifragile, but it will do the same for your life, too.