Rev Andy Nixon

Holy and Loved

May 12, 2024

Series: Co/Mission

Message: The message of Corinthians is church is family. We are to love each other, endure each other, and celebrate each other. Family will do all these and more. Today, pray for your church family. Everything that a good family does church is intended to do. We are to love our church and do so well.

Extra Mile: Take a look at Acts 15, it is a compromise. James, the half-brother of Jesus, steps forward and offers a compromise between competing factions of the church. In the early church, there was tension between early converts who were Jewish and those who were not. The conflict occurred over circumcision with Paul insisting converts need not be circumcised while early Christians with Jewish roots insisted everyone should be. The result? Compromise. Circumcision was not required, while other laws were. Question - does God ever want us to compromise?

Matthew 20:29-34