Courtney Bond

Chasing a Blessing - Jacob Wrestles the Angel

February 26, 2023

Series: Genesis

Do you find yourself constantly chasing after something? Something that you are convinced you need and will make you happy, but always seems just out of reach? Whether it's a relationship, success in business, or even the quintessential "American Dream," we have all likely, at one point or another, found ourselves chasing that which seems within our grasp, but somehow, it eludes us--over and over again. And as we continue the chase, we grow more willing to do whatever it takes, right or wrong, to get what we're after. If this sounds familiar, you won't want to miss the sermon this Sunday as we unpack Jacob's pursuit of God's blessing. From the very moment of his birth, Jacob is a person determined to create his own destiny, trying to obtain for himself that which God had already promised to give him. And what a mess he makes along the way! Join us as we take a front row seat to Jacob's WWF experience with the angel, and learn what it all means about the faithfulness of God.


Going the Extra Mile


Scripture: Genesis 32:24-31 NRSV