Rev Andy Nixon

A Gift Is On The Way

December 4, 2022

Series: King of Kings

At our house we have an ‘Alexa’. She is capable of a great many things from reading Bible verses to knowing when the Cowboys play. Alexa can also tell me when a package is on the way, invoking a common theme of Advent - waiting for something to arrive. Towards the end of Isaiah, the prophet looks forward, “One is coming” and He will change us and the world forever, and right now we are waiting for Him to arrive. God’s message to us? Wait well.


The Extra Mile: Our Scripture is the conclusion of Isaiah 61, but head up to the first verse, Isaiah 61:1 and after reading it go over to Luke 4:17 and you should see that Jesus is speaking in Jerusalem and quoting this chapter of Isaiah. Isaiah 61 talks about a new age of the Lord’s favor and Jesus sees himself as the fulfillment of this passage. When reading these words we are lifting up words Jesus embodies and propels into the future for us all.

Scripture: Isaiah 61:8-11