Rev Andy Nixon

Jesus and the Family Tree

December 18, 2022

Series: King of Kings

Tradition, at this time of year, is at its best. As Christmas approaches, many of us are preparing to celebrate family and all the celebrations that come with Christmas. A suggestion? Throw yourself into them all and make Munger a strong part :) Our ancestors celebrated this time of year and those who come after us will continue
our traditions into the future. Let’s celebrate them well!
The Extra Mile: Take a look at the entire genealogy in Matthew 1. It is, perhaps, not the easiest part of Scripture to read. Notice in the names how there are broken up into those who came before and after Israel was deported to Babylon in 587 B.C. Why is this detail part of Matthew 1? Jesus is intended to heal the divisions within us and the political divisions among us. This Christmas we ought to let Jesus do both :)

Scripture: Matthew 1:6-11