Our church has a rich history that God has woven together over time. Founded in 1913, Munger grew to be a large and influential church in Dallas. In the latter part of the 20th century, however, our Old East Dallas neighborhood went through a long period of decline, and so did the church. By the summer of 2009 the former Munger Place congregation could no longer afford to keep its doors open.

Meanwhile, Highland Park United Methodist Church (HPUMC) had plans to plant a second campus in East Dallas. When HPUMC heard about Munger’s distress, leaders began conversations about assuming responsibility for the congregation on the brink of closure. Rather than starting a new church, they began to consider whether they should replant an existing one.

HPUMC committed to raising $4.5 million to renovate Munger Place, and the North Texas Conference (NTC) agreed to allow Munger to become a campus of HPUMC. A new congregation was planted, a new staff hired and the new Munger Place Church was launched in the fall of 2010.

Since then, Munger has been a unique blend of old and new - steeped in tradition, innovative in ministry and radically welcoming to all. This church, while being a campus of HPUMC for the last 14 years, has always had its own authentic, come-as-you-are feel that can only be found at the corner of Live Oak and Munger Blvd.

Our ever-changing congregation has walked through various seasons throughout the life of our church, and today we are on the threshold of a new season.

After much prayer and consideration, HPUMC and the NTC have decided to launch Munger Place Church as an autonomous United Methodist Church by the end of 2024. This means our church will be an independent, self-governing body, with a church council and lay leadership committees, reflecting a deep, connectional relationship between the local church and our Conference.

We are thankful for the ways Jesus has led our church in the past, and we are excited about the opportunity to continue to be a force for good in the East Dallas community.

Please join us to hear more about the vision of the newly launched Munger Place Church:


THURSDAY, MAY 23 @ 6:30 PM


We are grateful to God first and foremost and to all of the Pastors, Staff and Lay Leadership who have contributed to the narrative of Munger Place Church. We are thankful to HPUMC who helped breathe new life into the former Munger Place in 2009. We give God all the glory and look forward to an exciting new chapter in the story of Munger Place Church!


How does this change affect Mungarians?
In short, this change won’t affect Mungarians very much.

  • Programming: Our Sunday morning services and ongoing age-level programming will not be affected. Munger ministries and programming have already operated independently from HPUMC and will continue to strive to welcome East Dallas into a relationship with Jesus, connect them with the church community and equip them to serve.
  • Giving: 100% of the dollars given to Munger will continue to be allocated to Munger Place Church. More details will be communicated toward the end of the year regarding setting up a new giving account on a new platform. No action is needed at this time.

How does this change affect the Munger Staff Team?

  • Pastors: Rev. Andy Nixon and Rev. Sean McDonald are currently appointed as Clergy to Munger (as a campus of HPUMC). In the future, Andy and Sean will be appointed by the NTC directly to Munger Place Church.

Staff: All other Munger Staff will remain intact and continue to serve our community in ministry. Additional staff may be necessary in order to manage the operational functions that are currently handled by HPUMC’s business office.

How will this change affect Lay Leadership at Munger?
All autonomous United Methodist Churches are governed by four decision-making bodies, plus the Nominations Committee, that consist of church members:

  • Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (PPRC): Focuses on building a strong relationship between the pastors/staff and the congregation, and between the congregation and the district superintendent
  • Finance Committee: Ensures the church's current financial health and long-term stability
  • Board of Trustees: Oversees all local church property, equipment and resources.
  • Church Council: Chief decision-making body of the church; all committees report to Church Council
  • Nominations Committee: Nominates people for all of the above committees

Does this decision have anything to do with the General Conference decision regarding the LGBTQ+ community?

No. Leadership at HPUMC, Munger and the NTC began discussing Munger’s autonomy several weeks before the General Conference decision was made.

What will happen to Munger’s buildings and other assets?

Munger Place Church will retain all assets including financial reserves, land and improvements including the church buildings, parsonage and other real estate holdings.

Why is this transition happening now?

HPUMC and the NTC believe that after 14 years as a campus, Munger is ready to become an autonomous United Methodist Church. Rev. Andy Nixon will report directly to Rev. Edlen Cowley, District Superintendent of the NTC.

How does this change affect the operational functions of Munger?

Over the next several months, Staff Teams and Lay Leadership from both Munger and HPUMC will work through a plan to separate the operational functions to allow Munger to fully launch as an autonomous church.