Come and See

Whatever your week's been like, or your life's been like, whatever you look like—whether you believe what we believe, or even if you vehemently disagree—in the name of Jesus Christ we'd love to welcome you to our church this weekend.

What time are the worship services?

Our worship services are held on Sundays at 9:30 AM and 11 AM in our beautiful historic sanctuary.

Where is the church located?

Munger Place Church
5200 Bryan Street
Dallas, Texas 75206

Main Phone: 214.823.9929

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Our pastors, staff, musicians, and most of the congregation will be dressed casually.

What about my kids?

We want you and your children to love getting together with the people of God during our services. We provide professionally staffed nurseries for children one year old through pre-schoolers at all our services. MungerKids (Elementary School) and MungerYouth (Middle and High School) meet during the 9:30am service.

More information: Munger Kids (birth-5th) | Munger Youth (6th-12th)

Am I expected to give money during the offering?

During the service, church volunteers will collect an offering. This offering helps support the church. If you are a guest, you should not feel obligated to give, though of course, you are welcome to participate. The offering time is for members and those who consider Munger Place their church home.

Are your worship services traditional or contemporary?

Yes. Just like East Dallas and our church building, we want worship services to include both the best of the old and the best of the new. Our music is rock and roll-based, we use video in worship, serve coffee and dress casually, but at the same time we draw from 2,000 years of Christianity by incorporating some of the beautiful old hymns, prayers, and responses in our services.

How long are worship services?

Services last about an hour.

I wouldn’t really call myself a person of faith. Can I come to your church?

YES. We say this every week, and really mean it: “Whatever your week's been like or your life's been like–whatever you look like–whether you believe what we believe or even if you vehemently disagree, in the name of Jesus you are welcome at our church.”

What is your relationship with Highland Park UMC?

HPUMC is our “mother” church. The members at HPUMC raised the money to renovate Munger Place Church and we share resources with HPUMC. Munger Place is an extension campus of Highland Park UMC, in the same way that the University of Texas at Dallas is an extension campus of the larger University of Texas system.