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Daniel Project

We want Munger to be a place that raises up men and women of faith and fire, people who are prepared to testify to their faith in the midst of a hostile world. In other words, we want our folks to be like Daniel, who was so good at his job that he was given greater and greater authority, but who was willing to lose all that and stand firm in his faith when it counted.

The Daniel Project is a weekend course in which we’ll prepare Mungarians to live out their faith. We’re asking the question, What does it take to live true lives in a false world? Some of the topics covered:

  • The Trinity—How can there be 1 God in 3 persons? Why isn’t there more evidence for God?
  • The Bible—How did the Bible come to be? Why should we trust it?
  • Science—Doesn’t science contradict faith? How can modern people believe in miracles?
  • Sex, Marriage, & Divorce—Can the church’s teachings on sex actually be good news to unbelievers?
  • The Wesleyan Tradition—What if we could actually become more like Jesus?

Contact Jake Porter with any questions.


Childcare provided

6:00-9:00 PM

8:30 AM-1:30 PM

We’ll provide dinner on Friday evening and breakfast and lunch on Saturday

Cost: $10 per adult.

Commitment: A weekend commitment is tough, but we need you to commit to the entire time. If you can’t commit to the entire time—including arriving on time!—please do not sign up.

Who is The Daniel Project for? The Daniel Project is open to anyone who is interested in learning about the above topics. It is NOT a membership class, but it is a prerequisite for all membership at Munger. Over the course of two days, we’ll look at the common points of conflict between what the church believes and the world teaches, and prepare attendees to be more firmly rooted in their faith and equipped to live it out in the world.