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May 6th & 7th, 2022

Weekend Schedule:

Friday 6:00-9:00 PM and Saturday 8:30 AM-1:30 PM

The Daniel Project is a prerequisite for membership.

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Contact Jake Porter with any questions.


Life is hard, and life is confusing. What if you had the confidence and clarity that Daniel had?

The Daniel Project is a weekend seminar taught by our pastor, Andrew Forrest, to help Mungarians stand strong when it matters most.

At the Daniel Project, we look at some of the most difficult and confusing questions people are asking about God and the Christian faith. Our goal is for you to feel confident and have clarity when you are confronted by these difficult questions. We talk about some hard questions and present answers from the orthodox Christian tradition that are counter-cultural to many 21st century Americans.

The Daniel Project is pitched towards adults, but we’ve had lots of middle school and high school students attend with their families—something which we strongly encourage! We’d love to welcome students with hard questions and open minds.

The questions we cover at the Daniel Project:
First – God

Is it reasonable to believe in God?

It’s now popularly believed that believing in God is an act of faith, with faith being understood as something that doesn’t require evidence. Is that true? Is it unreasonable to believe in God?

Why isn’t there more evidence for God?

If there is a God, why isn’t there more evidence for him? Why can’t we find evidence for him in a laboratory or in outer space?

Don’t All Religions Believe in the Same God Anyway?

Aren’t all religions just paths to the same God, just called by different names? How can Christians claim to know the true God? Isn’t that really arrogant and exclusive?

Isn’t the Trinity An Unnecessary and Superfluous Idea?

The word “trinity” doesn’t appear in the Bible. What difference does it make?

How Can Jesus Be The Only Way?

Isn’t it exclusive and offensive for Christians to claim that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life”?

Second – The Bible

Where Did the Bible Come From, And Who Decided What Was In It?
Didn’t Constantine and other powerful men pick and choose what went in the Bible so they could justify their own power?

Can We Trust the Text of the Bible?
Hasn’t the text of the Bible been changed over time, as if someone were playing the game of “telephone” with it? How can we possibly know that we are reading what the authors originally wrote?

Why Do Roman Catholics Have Different Biblical Books Than Protestants?
What’s the deal with The Apocrypha?

Why Don’t We Add Books to the Bible Today?
The biblical books are not the only important or inspirational writings in history, so why don’t we add more books to the Bible?

What About the Other Gospels?
Why doesn’t the Christian church read the gnostic Gospels and other lost books?

Third – Marriage, Divorce, and Sex

What is Marriage?
Isn’t marriage a commitment to the person you love the most, with whom you have the deepest emotional connection?

How Should Christians Think About Divorce?
What did Jesus have to say about divorce and remarriage and why?

How Can the Historic Christian Teaching on Marriage, Singleness, and Sex Be Good News to Anyone?
Isn’t the Church’s teaching on sex outdated and embarrassing? Why should anyone listen?

Can I Be Gay and Be a Christian?

Many people worry that their sexuality makes them unwelcome in the Church. Many other people worry that their loved ones won’t be welcome. Is that true? How should we respond?

Fourth – Baptism

Why do you baptize infants?

Where is infant baptism in the Bible? What does baptism mean, anyway?


Will I have to talk or share with other people?

No. There will be plenty of time for questions, but only if you want to ask.

Will I have to sit in a circle, use a colored magic marker, share my spirit animal, give my testimony, or recite a Bible verse in front of the group?

Yes. Kidding! See above.

Can I bring someone from another church?



Contact Jake Porter with any questions.

Friday 6:00-9:00 PM and Saturday 8:30 AM-1:30 PM
Childcare provided

We’ll provide dinner on Friday evening and breakfast and lunch on Saturday

$10 per person. This helps Munger cover some of the costs of food. 3 Meals, great fellowship, riveting content...you can't afford NOT to come.

A weekend commitment is tough, but we need you to commit to the entire time. If you can’t commit to the entire time—including arriving on time!—please do not sign up.